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Stage 2 of the Olympic Games of Skills: “sport and physical activity at the discovery of the natural beauty of landscapes and local traditions” | 4- 7 September, Zagreb | Croatia

Press release

The 2nd transnational project meeting has been successfully planned and organized according to guidelines, objectives and principle stated in the “Project description” at the time of the application, as well as what has been discussed and agreed upon by all the Partners during the kick-off meeting.

All the Partner Organizations have showcased their example of good practices (in connection to the meeting theme) highlighting good practices at national, regional and local levels, making well evident the original synergies along the trails of sport and physical activity at the discovery of the landscapes beauty and local traditions. It is worth mentioning how the Host Organization has interpreted their role, creatively involving a number of different actors of relevant and very interesting good practices all over Croatian territories, inviting events organizers and project owners from different backgrounds, territories, also covering a wide range of different practices, as the presentation provided by the Guests (collected by the Applicant) can very well testify.

The 2nd meeting has been successful, fulfilling the overall project spirit, in blending different activities, namely: lectures by professionals, peer learning and socialization/sharing groups, outdoor concrete practice. In particular, the outdoor practice, along the streets of the ancient Zagreb, conducted by a professional tourism guide and start-up owner, has been a real occasion to offer participants an original experience, to discover the urban and surrounding landscapes of Zagreb (also from its cannon, ancient tower), discovering step by step ancient churches, handcrafts, local breweries or wineries, the ancient venues of the National Government and Parliament, as concrete examples of cultural heritage, where physical activity has really been the result of the discovery of such heritage with a 2-hour long walk for all.

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