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Stage 3 of the Olympic Games of Skills

Stage 3 of the Olympic Games of Skills: “Sport and physical activity along the creative trails of mythology and culture among peoples ”

The meeting, originally planned in the Municipality of Fyli (Greece), on March 12-13 2020 has been held on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 March 2020 in video conference, due to the persisting COVID-19 emergency all over Europe.

The video meeting has been attended by two representatives for the Italian and Croatian Partners, 1 representative from the Polish Partner and by the project team of the host Organization (Greek Partner: the Municipality of fyli) who have also invited a number of guests from other parts of Greece, to share their good practices.

During the meeting the Partner Organizations have showcased the result of the works carried out as intermediate stage of the “Olympic Games of Skills”, based upon the following five points:

“1. Please select two sport/physical activity specialties relevant and interesting for your Organization (or for the local or national context) and map concisely the professional qualifications required for instructors or other professionals in such specialties fields.

2. For the two sport/physical activities specialties, selected for point 1, please interview 2 persons from within (or outside) your Organization and let them describe how they built their career (as instructors, coaches, managers, etc.). Please, during the interviews, try to address the following issues:

- how do you feel as regards putting people first, being welcoming and inclusive, especially with more inactive people?

- how do you face the planning of activities open to all ages and physical conditions;

- how do you perceive innovation to encourage and motivate people to change in their lifestyles as regards physical activity?

3. After mapping the professional qualifications and the 2 interviews, did you find any specific training or topics related to the following issues:

- prevention of drop-outs; attraction and engagement of inactive people; event management. The works have moved on focusing on the exchange of good practices from the reality of the Municipality of Fyli, as well as from other territories of Greece, “along the creative trails of mythology and culture among peoples”. The exchange of the good practices has been conducted by the coordinator of the local working group of the Greek Partner (as host organization) under the supervision coordination of the Applicant (Polisportiva Antroposport), guiding the works of the Stage 3 of the Olympic Games of Skills, through the presentation of the guest speakers as well as the interactive debate among all the participants, also to allow the sharing of the stories, contents and methodologies presented during the session. Among the showcased presentations, it is worth remarking how some of them have been inspired by the project SportHeritage and can be considered as direct result of the project, such as, the following: "Ariadne's string" (videos of the activity) by Miss Katerina Pappou

The Mythology story of “Ariadne’s string, describes the king Minos who puts Ariadne in charge of the labyrinth where sacrifices were made as part of reparations either to Poseidon or Athena, depending on the version of the myth; later, she helped Theseus conquer the Minotaur and save the victims from sacrifice.

The activity has been performed by the basketball club Evnikos, in Evnikos stadium, in Zofria Region, in Fyli, by kids 5-10 years old and it is an example of good practice connecting mythology and physical activity games.

Mythology & Basketball” by Mr. Vasilis Ntakouris: this historic and very renowned basket competition among schools in the Region, come to the 27th edition, has been “transformed” thanks to the inspiration taken from the SportHeritage project, turned in a learning process of Mythology; in fact, every school will be named after a mythology character chosen by the schools’ pupils; this contributed also to decrease the competitiveness level of the tournament. This renovated current edition (2020) has been postponed to 2021, due to the COVID-19 emergency.

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